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Day: March 28, 2008

cycling schedule taking shape

After a really strong ride on Skyline Drive the other week (yeah, yeah, I’ll write it up soon), I’ve found that I’m still strong on the long climbs and probably have the legs for a century right now. So I’ve done a bit of additional pondering with regard to my summer ride schedule.

Here’s how it looks as of today (Friday, March 28):

There are also some “maybe” rides in the mix:

And I’m going to lead my own design of a century route for a PPTC ride sometime in June, I think, as well as the PPTC “Tour de Gatorade” ride (usually sometime in the summer – not really sure on the exact time and date, as yet).

friday my:dc : the bureaucratic queue

Number 51, your time is upDo you need to get a new driver’s license, or renew your car’s registration, or apply for a vanity plate? Prepare to wait in the queue.

This was the situation on Wednesday, March 18, at the Georgetown branch of the DC DMV. Usually, this is the most efficient of the DMV branch offices, and it happens to be close to my office. All I needed to do was renew my registration. I’d procrastinated beyond the point where I could renew online, and given that I was heading to Utah for the Easter weekend and my registration expired the following Monday, I figured renewing it before leaving town was the best option.

So I meandered down to the DMV for my lunch break.

A break that took almost three hours.


It didn’t help that the one person processing registration renewals (there are 12 window locations at this DMV branch, and most were moving folks through at a decent clip) took 30 minute breaks between each customer.

30 minute breaks. I shit you not.

Needless to say, it’s done. Whew!

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