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Day: March 30, 2008

not again, damn it!

Why is it the good ones are taken from us too soon?

I lost a friend last night. Mike Shor, one of the most enthusiastic, smart, friendly and honest political activists ever to grace Washington, DC, passed away late last night due to a massive stroke. He was on vacation in New Mexico at the time, doing things he loved (hiking and learning about new places), with the person he loved most: his partner, Irmgard.

Mike was one of the co-founders of DC for Dean and DC for Democracy. I spent countless hours with him in 2003 and 2004 working for Gov. Dean’s campaign (including some freezing days in Des Moines, Iowa, when his enthusiasm kept us all sane), and trying our best to change the political landscape toward a more inclusive, progressive field. He was a major supporter of my run for the DC Democratic State Committee in 2004, and regardless of our occasional political differences, we were always on great terms.

My last interaction with Mike was at the March DCDSC meeting, where he was scoping out the field of unpledged add-on delegates to the DNC convention. We smiled and joked about skiing and politics – two common loves – and parted with a big smile (we were both going skiing in Utah shortly thereafter).

So rest in peace, Mike. You’ll be sorely missed, and I hope you give ’em hell wherever you are, beating the drums of progressive politics.

(Photo by Keith Ivey. Used with the promise of free beer.)

workout log: 30 march 2008

Activity: road cycling
Location: Frederick > Catoctin Mountain Park > Thurmont > Frederick, MD
Distance: 58.5 miles
Duration: 3:27
Weather: mostly cloudy and cool, 38-45 degrees
Avg HR: 136 (max 164)
Type: aerobic

Jonathan leads Ed up the steep slopeAn impromptu ride of the “Knockin’ On The President’s Door” PPTC route, done with Jonathan, Chris, Craig and Ed. We wanted a good hill route to prime our legs for the upcoming hilly centuries, and this route doesn’t disappoint. I was climbing well on this ride (I stopped on the steepest climb to snap pictures, but managed to catch up to the lead riders by the top), and enjoying the fact that the roads were mostly free of traffic. And any time you ride past Camp David, it’s very cool (and without the cover of foliage, it’s easy to see the main lodge from the road). I also managed to get back to DC in time for the Nats’ home opener – we’re a fast bunch.

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