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random thoughts for the beginning of april

Just a few things I’ve pondered in the last…. day or two:

  • David Cook should win American Idol, as he’s the only one who seems to be willing to push boundaries and mix up styles. Now that I’ve said this, he’s guaranteed not to win.
  • The new Nationals Park is a nice ballpark, and it was fun to see the Nats win their season opener in dramatic fashion.
  • Two great rides in the past three days: riding the Catoctins (past Camp David) on Sunday, and the first “Downtown Breakaway” of the 2008 season tonight (which featured cherry blossoms). Full reports to come soon.
  • Today was a lovely, 75 degree day after a gloomy morning – nice!
  • I’m tired of the calls and emails about the unpledged delegate add-on election this Thursday. I’ve made up my mind already, thanks.
  • I’m a fan of red arrows.

Also, I upgraded the site to WordPress 2.5, which has a lot of great new features.


workout log: 1 april 2008


decisions, decisions


  1. Which one is David Cook? I watched for the first time last night so I would have a clue when my aunt emails me about it, and I have no idea who is who! I liked the last guy, w/ the accent (Australian? I couldn’t tell), and the younger guy.

  2. forepac

    Cook sang “Little Sparrow” as the 2nd number of the show. The Aussie who closed the show is Michael Somethingorother. The younger guy is David “I’m a crazy Mormon with an overbearing showbiz dad” Archuleta. Personally, I’m getting more sold on Cook every week, too, and I’d be happy if he walked away the winner, but the Mormon/people with little musical taste voting bloc may be too great to overcome. Hmmm…

  3. Thanks, Sam! I totally forgot about David Cook – I did quite like him. He really did a nice job w/ the song. I’d be happy with him winning. Actually, I think the only person I didn’t like was that Christy Leigh chick, for no real reason! I’ll have to keep watching now, I guess!

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