a short post

Just want to assure folks that I’m still around.

What’s been going on? Let’s see…

I’ve been riding the bike, and my mileage for Jan-Feb 2009 is almost the same as the same period in 2008, though I’m at odds to explain why, because I don’t feel like I’ve been on the bike as much. However, I have, which is good, because I’m starting to feel like I want to ride it again. All of the riding last year caused a wee bit of burnout, and the break from the bike – or even the perception thereof – seems to have done the trick.

That said, I’m still wishing I had the resources to get in more skiing this winter. I’ve loved the outings I’ve taken this season, including a day trip to Mount Snow, VT, last weekend. But further trips don’t look like they’re in the cards, as other considerations (including some pricey-yet-necessary dental work) have eaten away at the possibility of any more big trips. Oh well – winter will return, and the skis will remain sharp and at the ready.

We had an enjoyable Pi(e) Day here in The Burrow yesterday. sprite baked two pies (apple and pecan), and Michael brought two quiches for the savory end of things. All told, six of us had a grand time eating, talking, drinking and playing Trivial Pursuit. T’was good times – and even Jeremiah, the fraidy cat of the house, made an appearance before folks left.

Okay, I’m off to bed. I’ll try to post more often, even if it’s just a quick observation or quip – gotta keep the posts coming.

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