Activity: road cycling
Location: Thurmont, MD > Caledonia Valley, PA > Gettysburg-Liberty Valley, PA > Thurmont
Distance: 90.0 miles (hilly)
Duration: 5:32
Weather: sunny to partly cloudy, 70-79 degrees
Climbing: 6,006′
Avg HR: 149 (max 188)
Type: aerobic

An impromptu ride with Ed and Chris on a new route that Ed scouted out during the winter. This ride had everything: some big hills to start things out, old-growth pine forests, placid mountain lakes, rolling orchards and traverses through Civil War historic sites. I had a good time on the big hills at the beginning, though my long-distance climbing strength isn’t where it was in 2008. We took some long breaks during the ride to take in the scenery. This will be a good club ride during the summer or fall.