November 2009

quick tuesday levity: bike safety & muppets

Enjoy these two! First, a quick film about bicycle safety in the modern era: (Hat tip to Bike Snob NYC for this gem!) And next, a classic song in a new video from Muppet Studios: (Hat tip to @paulandstorm for Muppet goodness.)

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getting tweedy

My usual ride reports on this blog are of a more “epic” proportion: long distance, plenty of climbing, tales of extreme endurance. This is certainly not one of those! Indeed, this is a story about a more leisurely ride that resided entirely within the District of Columbia: the First Semi-Annual…

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sick to my stomach

That a basic, seemingly inherent human and civil right – the right to equality under law – can be put up for a vote is abhorrent to me. And that rights that have been granted by government can be taken away via referendum is doubly abhorrent. The scary side of…

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