cycling update: february wrap-up

Two months down in 2013, and 803 miles under the bicycle wheels. Typically, but March 1st, I only have 400 to 500 miles, so this year is starting out quite strong.

Last weekend, I rode the earliest century I’ve ever done, from Georgetown to Sugarloaf Mountain and back. I rode with a group of local cycling friends, and we took it easy due to the fact that it was February and we didn’t want to do any harm to our training. Furthermore, a strong, steady wind from the WNW also made the outbound stretch a bit of a slog. I tried to route the group out of the wind as much as possible, but it’s winter, the trees lack foliage, and, well, wind is wind.

The wind was a nice perk on the return leg, when fitness truly came into play. My route backloaded some steep hills toward the end of the ride, which was tough, but everybody made it back safely.

March will have fewer miles than February (which had 373, for the record), as I’ll be in Utah for at least two weeks attending to family affairs. I’ll get some rides in out there, but they will be less frequent and likely a bit shorter, though not devoid of hills (bless the Wasatch).

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