peace, love & understanding

I really couldn’t think of words to say how I felt about the terrible event in Boston yesterday.

It was numbing. It made me angry. That any person or people would have such disregard for humanity, for joy, for happiness – it’s simply impossible to comprehend. Whatever message was trying to be sent, it was lost on me and on countless others.

The people of Boston are a tough crowd. In many respects, I see them as tougher than New Yorkers: slightly more resilient, less bombastic and more “dig in, we’re movin’ on.”

I leave it to songs to express the feelings of hope, healing, and promise I wish for the people of Boston, the friends and families of the Boston Marathon runners, staff, and volunteers, and the innocent people who were simply trying to enjoy Patriots’ Day, the race, and their lives.

“Bridge Over Troubled Water”

“The Boxer”

“Here Comes The Sun”

We share precious little space on this insignificant rock that tumbles through dark space. Peace and understanding – that’s the ticket.

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Utah native. Lived in Connecticut. In DC for the past decade. Advocate for cycling and multi-modal transportation. Avid alpine skier and endurance cyclist. Politically minded (and occasionally an activist). Lover of the outdoors. Random.

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