ooo-EEE-oooo – yesssss…..

Maybe that post title is a little odd, but… well…

I totally loved the 50th anniversary episode of Doctor Who, “The Day of The Doctor.”

Did it have David Tennant? Yup.

Billie Piper? Yup.

A fez? Indeed.

Nods to the past? Affirmative.

Other fun stuff? Yes!

sprite and I saw it on the big screen, in the theatre, and it was great! Granted, it was extremely tough to avoid spoilers, as I have a lot of friends who are big fans of The Doctor. I managed to avoid ’em (whew!), and the thrill ride was grand.

I did see the web-only shorts, “The Night of The Doctor” (a direct setup for the show I saw tonight), and “The Five(ish) Doctors,” a mockumentary with enough Doctors and co-conspirators to provide tons of entertainment value. Both are available online, from the BBC, and worth viewing.

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