decembery thoughts: trees and snow

Now that December is here, thoughts turn to the seasonal celebrations.

This weekend, sprite and I cut a tree for our little Burrow. It’s a Norway spruce, a real beauty. Friends came over on Sunday night to help decorate it, and it looks great.

And now The Burrow is starting to smell of coniferous forests, a soothing scent to this mountain boy.

Today was a snow day for much of DC. The storm packed a lot of punch, albeit decidedly not for the District. We received maybe half and inch of snow before a brief period of rain and then… nothing. The streets were passable, and even with tonight’s re-freeze, things aren’t that slick in town.

While I wish there had been snow, it was nice to have the day off to catch up on housework and sleep. The sinus gunk I last reported on has been tenacious, though it’s s-l-o-w-l-y starting to clear. The dry air in the area, in The Burrow, and in my office isn’t helping, but I’m drinking a lot of water to keep hydrated and help reclaim my nose. Luckily, it hasn’t “migrated south” into my lungs.

Still, I would have liked some accumulating snow. That’s one of the biggest gripes I have against DC: winters here are so anti-climactic. Sure, there were decent snow events in 2003, and the 2009-10 three-blizzard-wallop was something else. But the typical winter here is increasingly snow-free and, frankly, a bit depressing. My psyche needs snowy winters, and it may end up being a breaking point for me and my relationship with the District of Columbia.

Otherwise, there’s not a lot of excitement right now, but that’s bound to change, given Christmas is so close at hand. So… we’ll see.

Thank snow.

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