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Month: January 2014

another update on the ‘ol femur

Many things have happened since my last update, so I’ll give a quick summary: I can now walk (tripod-style) with…

a quick update on the femur

Heya! I’ve been at a rehab facility since last Thursday night. The ambulance transfer from GW Hospital was bumpy and…

project femur (or how my ski season ended with a bang)

There’s no way to keep this brief, so here goes: Last Saturday, I was skiing at Liberty Mountain, Pennsylvania, coaching…

how can i stop at ten?

There were more great moments in 2013, come to think of it, though

ten on tuesday: top ten moments of twenty thirteen

While I’m not always enamored of Carole’s “Ten on Tuesday” prompts (let’s just say the ones that focus on knitting…

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