While I’m not always enamored of Carole’s “Ten on Tuesday” prompts (let’s just say the ones that focus on knitting aren’t my cuppa), today’s prompt works for me: a top-ten list of favorite moments that happened in A.D. 2013.

2013 wasn’t the best year for me by a long shot. Unlike Sarah, whose year was a self-admitted “meh,” my year had more than its share of unfortunate events (cue obligatory “Lemony Snicket” references). But this prompt has me looking to accentuate the positive from the year recently concluded, so here goes… something.

  1. I rode most of the length of the C&O Canal Towpath in on day back in June. It was 191 miles on a bike, all in one day, riding with my good friend and fellow Potomac Pedaler, Eric. It was a scenic challenge that tested my mental fortitude, and a bucket list ride fulfilled. And shots like this were common – and fun.
    Over-the-shoulder shot on the C&O
  2. While on the C&O, I saw an incredible sunset at the mouth of the Monacacy.
    Sunset over the C&O
  3. During my otherwise frustrating trip to Utah in March, I got to take in a beautiful moonrise over the Wasatch Mountains.
    Moonrise over the Wasatch
  4. I also enjoyed this view of the Wasatch as I left Utah at the end of March.
    Sun-dappled Wasatch Mountains
  5. Skiing with some of the EpicSki gang at Sugarbush, VT, at the beginning of March was a rare treat.
    Tumbler Trail, Mt. Ellen, Sugarbush
  6. Catching one of John’s last moments of bachelorhood on April 20th, minutes before he said “I do” to Nicole.
    John just before...
  7. Catching sunset the night before Mountains of Misery – what’s with sunset pix and me? I love ’em!
    Sunset over Blacksburg
  8. After a day at Bethany Beach, it was wonderful to see a movie at a classic, art deco movie house.
    The Clayton Theatre
  9. After hours of somewhat technical hiking, reaching the summit of Mt. Monadnock was particularly sweet.
    We made it!
  10. A schedule board at O’Hare airport shows a traveler hurrying to catch his connection.
    Making the flight?

What were some of your top moments of 2013? Talk about it in the comments!