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another update on the ‘ol femur

Many things have happened since my last update, so I’ll give a quick summary:

I can now walk (tripod-style) with both a walker and crutches. The latter will be my go-to for most things, but the walker will be more useful in the house and for some other endeavors.

My hemoglobin level is back to normal, which means I have a lot more energy when doing things, with more endurance. As a result, I’ve been doing really, really well in physical and occupational therapy, exceeding my therapists’ (and my own) expectations. I do well on stairs, can get into and out of a car without assistance, can navigate a kitchen, work my way around a bathroom, and make my way into and out of bed.

My upper body and core strength, in particular, has made great progress from all of the PT and OT. My left leg is also getting stronger, especially in terms of lateral stability. And my ability to balance on my left leg has improved a lot as my right leg improves.

My right leg is getting stronger and more flexible every day. It still isn’t lifting as a whole, but that’s coming along well, and should happen sometime fairly soon. As muscles re-awaken, the leg gets more stable and mobile – all good.

I still can’t bear weight on the repaired leg, which is typical for my kind of repair (a rod running the length of the femur, with screws and pins at both ends holding things together). The break is starting to calcify, which is a big plus. My orthopedist is happy with my progress, and he removed the staples from my incisions yesterday (lemme tell ‘ya – it felt great to have the staples out).

I’m being released from the rehab facility next Tuesday, heading home from there. I can’t wait to get home to my sprite, my cats, and my kitchen. Yes, The Burrow will be a new challenge, but I’m up to it. I ordered some equipment to help me function during my recovery, which is a tangible sign of going home – significant, for sure.

Thanks to everybody for the emails, tweets, cards, visits, and other messages of support. They make a real difference, and I’m grateful.

Days since surgery: 18

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