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shrubbery in july

July 20. New York City. Shubert Theatre. Spamalot. I can’t wait.

pizza snobbery

Ten years of living in Connecticut did it to me: I’m a pizza snob. Give me a pie from Frank…

weekend listening

A few suggestions for weekend listening: Vuelta by Richard Shindell is top-notch listening. It is one of the top discs…

the rock & roll genome

Ever wonder how The Beatles are related to Burnt By The Sun? Wonder no more! Band To Band is here…

dc traffic

Today had to be one of the heaviest traffic days in DC in quite some time. Riding GUTS back from…

what’s up with joe?

Why is it that Joe Lieberman (D-CT) is playing the part of the Democrats’ pariah? His past voting record aside…

a quick welcome

To those who are visiting from the old rudiriet.com blog, welcome! This blog will contain just as much stuff, but…

tech: a tiki drive

You know you want one: Big Tiki Drive.

mice as sexual objects: designed by men

Over lunch today (included egg salad, which could be to blame), I had this twisted insight: Two-button mice with scrollwheels…

musical musings: u2, fans and wannabes

Possibly the biggest “it” event in the 2005 concert scene is the U2 Vertigo tour, which will hit the U.S….

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