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trip report: part 6

I’ll try and wrap this up….

Day Six: February 20

Fat Tuesday in New Orleans is Fasching in Germany. And how did I start the morning? A little tired from the previous night’s outing, but not bad. I woke up relatively early, had breakfast, and went out with Doris and Bernd to see two sights: Allianz Arena, the football (soccer) stadium built for the 2006 FIFA World Cup; and Schloß Nymphenburg, one of King Ludwig II’s epic castles. After that: a night on the town to celebrate Fasching!

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random friday: beer, travel, sick and parties

Jon and JohnAfter the all-too-predictable vote at the DC for Democracy Meetup, a bunch of us went out for beers at Saloon, which is a few doors down from Ben’s Chili Bowl on U Street. The beer was good, and I’m very appreciative of the recently-enacted clean air act: the bar wasn’t choked in smoke….

In the last few days before I hit the road (and skies) for Europe. I need to contact the credit union and my credit card company to let ’em know that I’ll be charging things overseas – better to be safe than sorry. And there’s some laundry left to do before I leave….

sprite has been sick for the past couple of days. It’s a nasty stomach bug that’s debilitating: she can’t stand up for more than a few minutes without experiencing really severe abdominal pain. It’s no fun for her, and I hope she gets over this bug soon, because….

This weekend features two parties. Tomorrow night’s is Charles and Jordi’s 30th birthday shindig, and Sunday is sprite’s “third 11th birthday” celebration. I hope she’s in good shape by then, at the very least!

three random things

Fun in threes!

  1. It was nice and crisp this morning – in the teens, perfect weather for cycling. At least that’s what I thought.
  2. Thanks to a thread posted at the WordPress Support Forums by Sam, I was able to get the “next page/previous page” links to reappear. It seems that the Adhesive plugin isn’t quite compatible with WordPress 2.1, regardless of what the list on the codex says.
  3. Pizza on a Friday evening is simply wonderful. Even if the pizza isn’t from your favorite purveyor of flatpies, it’s still most lovely.

quick reviews: zola and tabard inn

This week is Restaurant Week here in DC, so sprite and I have sampled the wares of two local eateries, neither of which we’d visited before.

On Wednesday night, we dined at Zola, located above the International Spy Museum. The restaurant is very modern, with dark lighting and warm wood and burgundy highlights throughout. The service was attentive, and the food was very, very good.

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mmmm…. coffee

I can smell the coffee brewing about 15 feet from me. It smells like heaven.

In case you haven’t noticed, I haven’t posted any rides recently – nor have I used the bike as a means of commuting this week. This is due to the fact that the big toe on my right foot is recovering from a rather nasty, skiing-induced contusion. It was swollen quite a bit, and is just now returning to normal size. As I’m leading a PPTC ride this Saturday, I wanted to give my toe time to heal.

some updates

A few updates on things, as I’ve been quiet of late:

  • The trip to Utah was a trying experience. There wre some fun bits, like mountain biking, going to the yarn store with sprite, drinking coffee at SLRC. But a lot of it was tough, dealing with family stuff and trying not to go crazy. I was happy to come back – perhaps the most evident sign of that being that the only photos I snapped on the trip were taken on the journey home. When I head out there in January, there will be a few considerations in terms of lodging, etc.
  • The day after I arrived back in DC, I spent all day working the DC primary election. I was Ward 2 coordinator for the campaign to re-elect Phil Mendelson to his at-large DC Counsil seat. Speaking for my own Ward, we did really well, taking slightly more than 80 percent of the vote. Unfortunately, not all Ward organizations for Mendelson’s campaign were as attentive to their poll workers, resulting in sprite having a less-than-positive experience at her polling location in Ward 6.
  • Speaking of the DC primary election, I’m mostly happy with the results. Adrian Fenty should be a good mayor for DC, bringing a new attention to constituent services and shaking up the old Democrat establishment in the District. Vince Gray, though not my pick, should be a good chair of the DC Council. And Mike Panetta will be a fun “shadow” representative.
  • We ate out at 1789 Restaurant on Wednesday night (after my class) for our anniversary dinner. The food was lovely, the service cordial and attentive, and we had a great time. 11 years with sprite, and I couldn’t think of a better partner in life and love.

With that, I hit the sack.

workout log: 21 july 2006

Activity: road cycling
Location: North Hillsdale, NY > Great Barrington, MA > Copake, NY > Hillsdale
Distance: 43.2 miles (very hilly)
Duration: 2:45
Weather: warm and humid, 84 degrees
Avg HR: 164 (max 186)
Type: aerobic

The one really good ride I was able to get in while at Falcon Ridge Folk Festival. This was a great ride: it started out with a 1 mile grind over a 5 percent grade that was consistent. Following some rolling hills, the fun began: a 1.65 mile climb with an average grade of 6.5 percent (and a 500 meter long section that hit 11.5 percent), then a second. 1.1 mile climb (after 2/10 of a mile of slight downgrade) averaging 4 percent. After a nice stretch of mostly level riding on a high, forested plateau, there’s a quick switchback descent (11.5 percent average, with one stretch hitting 15 percent – yikes!), into Bash Bish Falls State Park, which has lovely forests and a newly-repaved road where I hit 45 mph on the descent (average grade of 8 percent). The rest of the ride was fairly simple: some more hills (small), a stop for some Tour news and some Boca burgers (which would become tacos back at camp). All in all, a great ride.

some random thoughts

Just a few things that have crossed my mind in the past few days:

  • aloo gobi is really, really good and really, really simple to prepare.
  • before my next really long bike ride, I need to use some Body Glide or Chamois Butt’r on my… posterior.
  • the video iPod is a wonderful piece of technology.
  • tourists in DC seem to leave all common sense at the door when it comes to using our Metro system.
  • I’m getting more accustomed to the “triple-H” weather here in DC – never thought it would happen, not that I particularly like it.
  • there’s only one race in the upcoming DC Democratic primary that has me truly interested: At-Large Council (I’m backing Phil Mendelson, in case you’re curious – that means you, Ward 2 Dems!).
  • I have a mosquito bite right where my watch band’s ends meet – it itches a lot, very bothersome.
  • the Tour de France is much more interesting this year, thanks to Lance’s retirement and the decimation of the field with the Spanish doping inquiry.
  • it was cool to see pictures of all of the Beatles’ family and friends at the premiere of Love, their new Cirque du Soleil show in Las Vegas.

Like I said, it’s random.

And one more thing: I think that Joe Lieberman has finally given up on the Democratic party, as he’s launching a petition campaign to get on the November ballot regardless of the outcome of the August 8 primary against Ned Lamont. And even though he wants to, he can’t run as an “independent petitioning Democrat” per Connecticut election laws:

Sec. 9-453u. (Formerly Sec. 9-378m). Reservation of party designation.

(a) An application to reserve a party designation with the Secretary of the State and to form a party designation committee may be made at any time after November 3, 1981, by filing in the office of the secretary a written statement signed by at least twenty-five electors who desire to be members of such committee.

(b) The statement shall include the offices for which candidates may petition for nomination under the party designation to be reserved but shall not include an office if no elector who has signed the application is entitled to vote at an election for such office.

(c) The statement shall include the party designation to be reserved which (1) shall consist of not more than three words and not more than twenty-five letters; (2) shall not incorporate the name of any major party; (3) shall not incorporate the name of any minor party which is entitled to nominate candidates for any office which will appear on the same ballot with any office included in the statement; (4) shall not be the same as any party designation for which a reservation with the secretary is currently in effect for any office included in the statement; and (5) shall not be the word “none”, or incorporate the words “unaffiliated” or “unenrolled” or any similarly antonymous form of the words “affiliated” or “enrolled”.

The emphasis in section C is my own.

Joe is worried that he’ll lose to an upstart candidate. He’s also afraid that the Connecticut Democratic machine can’t control the primary. And frankly, this petition drive shows that Joe is no longer a party player: he’s in this for himself. He’s not willing to accept that the voting electorate in his own party wants a change.

It’s very, very sad – the man is addicted to his office, and can’t stand the fact that it’s the people that choose whether he stays or goes. He’s afraid of his own people.

Now let’s see what the DSCC has to say. Sen. Hillary Clinton has already promised to support the Democratic candidate, “whoever that is,” yet Sen. Shumer (head of the DSCC) has stated that he’s going to back Lieberman, regardless of the outcome of the primary. I sense that this could lead to a bit of a schism within the party (like it needs another one). I just hope that the DSCC supports the winner of the primary, whether it’s Lieberman or Lamont.

And I, for one, hope it’s Lamont.

san diego: beach & baseball

Had a lovely day in Sand Diego today.

We spent a few hours at Coronado Beach. The sand was so soft on the feet, and the water was perfect. I body surfed a bit, and got some sun. We watched pelicans as they dive-bombed for fish, and as they flew in formation just above the surf (and within about 10 feet of us). I have a little burn on the shoulders, but it’s not too bad.

Tonight, we went to the Padres-Mariners game at Petco Park. It’s a gorgeous new facility, very good for baseball. The in-park food is also good, but $8 for a draft beer is insane. The Padres won in 10 innings, 2-1.

After the game, we all went back to the house and played Scattergories – good stuff.

Tomorrow: we head back north to Seal Beach, picking up a gift and a bicycle along the way.

workout log: 10 june 2006

Activity: road cycling
Location: Black Hill Park, MD > Jefferson, MD
Distance: 62.7 miles (hilly)
Duration: 3:24
Weather: sunny and windy, 68 degrees
Avg HR: 166 (max 186)
Type: aerobic

PPTC “Black Hills Picnic Ride.” A fun ride that drew almost 200 riders to the Maryland exurbs. The wind was fierce at times, but the temperature was perfect. I rode with the A group for the first while, then broke off from them when they turned toward MarLu ridge. S’ok – there were plenty of hills on this ride: long ones, short ones, steep ones, mild ones. Some were in the shade, some were in full sun (and full wind). There was a headwind for at least 60 percent of the ride. Even with the hills, I averaged 18.5 miles per hour, riding mostly solo with two tiny rest breaks (one for a bathroom break, one for a granola bar and to doff my long-sleeve jersey). It meant that I passed a friend twice during the ride, and that I finished well ahead of others doing the cued route I followed. A wonderful picnic followed, where everybody got to enjoy food and beverages with live bluegrass music in the background.

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