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five years wasted

It’s been five years since George W. Bush and his theocon cronies, with the complicit support of congressional Democrats, brought the United States to war with Iraq.

A needless war.

A senseless war.

A deliberate diversion from the real war on terror and the pursuit of Osama bin Laden.

A war that was more about family honor and potential oil revenue than actual world and regional security.

A war that had cost this country the lives of 3,990 of its own people.

A war that has wounded over 40,000 U.S. soldiers, many severely, and has provided little to no services to them once they return from the theatre of combat.

A war that has killed hundreds of thousands – if not millions – of innocent Iraqi people.

A war that has not achieved any of its purported goals.

A war that was launched with inadequate funding, insufficient troop levels, little strategy, and no exit plan.

A war that, combined with ill-conceived tax cuts and increases in wasteful spending, has destroyed the economy of the United States.

There is no stability in Iraq since the fall of Hussein and the Ba’athists.

The price of oil has not fallen as a result of the “liberation” of the Iraqi oil fields.

The security of the United States has not been improved due to our presence in Iraq – if anything, things are far less secure on a global scale.

In going to war with Iraq, President Bush and his advisers did not remove causes of terror. To do so would have required introspection, something that none of the current occupants of the executive branch seem to be able to do, as it shows them as spineless, rudderless hypocrites.

Our war in Iraq has hastened the development of a civil war in the country. And as was the case in Vietnam, we have no business being involved in a civil war on foreign soil.

It is time to end this war and bring our troops home in an orderly way. At this juncture, as was the case in 2003, we can only cause more harm than good.

huckabee is not an alien!

(That said, I didn’t vote for him.)

A transcript from IM this morning – it sums up the whole thing rather well.

The Scene: me, riding my bike back home after a pre-dawn ride at Hains Point, about 6:55 am:

I was coming up 22nd St., and it was closed between M and N.
I hopped on the sidewalk, which was also closed (temporarily), and a guy calls out to me "you're insane to be riding in this cold!"
And it's Huckabee.
So I laugh and say yes, I'm insane, and my feet are frozen solid.
He then walks over to his van and grabs me a small cup of coffee.
We discussed working out for 3 or 4 minutes while I waited for the congestion to clear.
Affable guy.
He was waiting to be interviewed by Fox News, and they weren't going live until 7:10 or so.
I said thanks for the coffee and wished him luck. He didn't ask me for my vote - I think he figured out I wasn't a Republican.
But he was friendly and funny - and bemoaning the fact that the campaign has kept him from his workout regimen.

One of those uniquely DC moments, I must say!

shut up, george!

George W. Bush should simply shut up.

I mean, c’mon: calling Iran’s development of nuclear technology (which is equally likely to be for energy needs as weaponry, if not more so) a potential catalyst to World War III is ludicrous, reckless, and pedantic.

You, Mr. Bush, are a fool. You’re trying to pick a fight for the sake of picking a fight. It’s the same smoke screen that you brought up after things got boring in Afghanistan and you threatened Iraq, which we all know had nothing to do with the events of September 11, 2001!

And witness the quagmire we created: a civil war in which we play no role other than as catalyst for violence.

Iran is no pressing or major threat to the United States. Yes, it is a state that neither has a system of government that is like ours (though it’s not overly far removed, given the current situation in Washington, DC), nor is it fanatically Christian (two things that Bush and his neo-con buddies seem to think are the linchpins to “proper” government). But it is a state that is remarkably stable – something that should be lauded in the region, not demonized.

I know that Bush and his cronies – Cheney and Rice, as well as Rove, Rumsfeld and Wolfowitz in the past – know nothing other than the “us-versus-them” politics of the Cold War, and have been trying their best to re-create the old system by creating a New American Empire. It’s foolish and amazingly shallow, and when Bush says that it’s his calling to do this, he inserts his religion into the matter.

Here’s a big clue for you, Mr. Bush: most of the people of the United States – to whom you should answer – do not ascribe to evangelical crusades in our name. Indeed, there are many of us who don’t ascribe to your god or to religion, in general.

And guess what: those of us who aren’t religious are not amoral heathens. As has been the case many times in history, having religion does not guarantee moral character. And in that way, Mr. Bush, you give a very bad name to Christ’s teachings.

I doubt Christ would’ve wanted you in his church.

And if you dangle the prospect of World War III over our heads in what seemed like a flip comment at your afternoon “presser,” you come across as a man so removed from morality that it leaves me wanting your input out of our international affairs equation as soon as possible.

As one of your predecessors once said: “speak softly, but carry a big stick.” Don’t spout words out of your ass, because it makes you look like one.

And one more thing, Mr. Bush: if you’re going to bash public health insurance, then I encourage you to drop the health care that you get with your current occupation. That is public health care, after all, and if you’re against it, put up or shut up.

i did not vote for this president

He does not speak for me.

He does not speak for intelligent people.

He lies.

He lies to his advisers – as they undoubtedly do to him.

He lies to the people of the United States.

He lies to the world.

Under his watch, the United States has become less safe from terrorism.

Under his watch, the moral footing of the United States has been completely eroded.

He has done nothing to help the people of the United States who need help.

He has spent more money and effort on propping up a corrupt régime in Iraq, one that is not our ally in any sense, rather than help the hundreds of thousands of displaced people in the Gulf Coast states.

He has allowed Osama Bin Laden to run free because he needs a “them” for us to have a de facto enemy – this to satisfy his military “strategists” who know only Cold War politics.

To that end, his meddling in Middle Eastern affairs has, in large part, reignited the Cold War – something his own father helped bring to an end.

The president has no idea of where the actual first line of securing our country lies: in dealing with the causes of why other states and organizations dislike us.

Here’s a hint: it’s not Iraq.

This president is a complete and utter failure on all counts.

He is disingenuous.

He is disgusting.

And he needs to be told that he is no longer the only cowboy in town.

To the Democrats: taking cautious, calculated, semi-coherent baby steps is not leadership: please grow a spine and stand up to the criminal activities of the executive branch.

To all members of congress: do not heed the president’s plea for more funding for our misguided adventures in Iraq.

Cut the funding.

He keeps saying “give it six more months.” Time and again, our congress has rolled over and bought the lies.

And that’s what they are: lies.

Bring our troops home now.

End this madness before it completely destroys our country.

tuesday quick quips

Some things that have crossed my mind today:

  • WAMU’s decision to relegate their bluegrass programming to the HD range is flat-out stupid. The powers-that-be at WAMU continue to prove that they know how to implode a local radio station, creating more of the same (political talk radio and over-syndicated NPR content) rather than provide a format that’s unique. If anybody from the “home of Kojo” is reading this: take a long, hard look at WFUV, KRCL or WXPN to see how independent public radio is done. Seriously: we don’t need rehash of stuff that every other NPR affiliate is doing.
  • The first public beta release of Eudora’s new mail client, code named “Penelope”, is a major letdown. Let me summarize: it’s essentially Thunderbird with Eudora’s icons and sounds. If I were a Eudora user, I’d be miffed that we’ve waited all this time for a version of Thunderbird with new curtains. Where are the features of the old program that made it a standout? Are they in some internal build that will see the light of day in 2012? Disappointing, Mr. Dorner and open-source dev crowd – simply disappointing.
  • It was refreshing to hear a Republican consultant on this past Sunday’s Meet The Press admit that Fox News is the official media outlet for the GOP. Finally: a theocon who says something that isn’t mealy-mouthed and half (if that) true!
  • I’m still not sold on any of the current crop of presidential candidates. However, there are some who continue to inch their way down in favor, including Bill Richardson (miffing the question on whether being gay is a choice or genetic, and doing an “I don’t know” on the $50 billion Iraq funding bill).

Now, off to a ball game….

a request to all congressional dems (and free-thinking republicans, too)

If you believe that we are going the wrong direction in our Middle East military engagements, please vote against President Bush’s request for an additional $50 million in emergency war spending.

That the president is already requesting such funding before the Patraeus shill report is issued shows that Bush will turn a blind eye to the reality of the situation in Iraq. We are losing this war, we have exhausted all military options, the surge is not working (nor will it ever work), and democracy can’t be force-fed to those who don’t want it.

Mr. President, your allusion to Vietnam was ironic, especially given that Nixon was loathe to accept the reality that our vaunted – and supposedly “perfect” – system of governance is not a cookie-cutter solution to the world’s political ills. Perhaps, Mr. President, you would have learned this first hand had you not evaded your military responsibilities.

But no. You have shown that history is not something to be learned and used as a roadmap for progress, but some fictitious fairy tale that can be re-interpreted to serve your own gains. It’s a strategy that was used to great effect by such leaders as Lenin, Hitler, Mussolini, Franco, Mao, Pinochet and Amin:

  • distort history
  • create an “us vs. them” conflict where one did not previously exist
  • try and frame the issue as a “holy,” ideological struggle
  • fight symptoms rather than fix causes

It’s time for congress to listen to its constituents: stop this madness now.

It’s not true that voting against this funding is a sign of weakness on national defense. Spending additional, obscene amounts of money on Iraq is not defending our home soil. All it is doing is entrenching our men and women, sons and daughters, fathers and mothers, sisters and brothers, friends and neighbors in a land where they serve no purpose other than to reduce our country’s favor in the world view. All the additional spending does is further weaken security on our home soil: not just the decimation of the National Guard, but vital services that the middle class needs in order to survive.

So, dear members of congress, please do something to help all of the citizens of the United States: vote against the continued funding of the Iraq military action.

again, olbermann is spot-on

Keith Olbermann is a rare entity in journalism these days: a man who knows no fear, and who is willing to speak things that the corporate shills who run the major media outlets dare not say for fear of offending the Bush propaganda machine.

And last night, as he has many times before, Olbermann said what needed to be said: rather than choose a scapegoat for his own failures in foreign policy, war and statecraft, Mr. Bush should:

Go to Baghdad now and fulfill, finally, your military service obligations…. Go there and fight, your war…yourself.

It’s a great piece – read and see the whole thing at Crooks & Liars.

I’m very glad that the powers-that-be at NBC Universal are giving Olbermann a platform with which he can bring us his commentary, reporting and interviews.

olbermann has it right: bush must resign

Tonight’s Countdown featured Keith Olbermann’s most pointed, focused and necessary commentary on the corrupt folly and danger that is the presidency of George Walker Bush that has ever been set to video or audio archive.

Olbermann’s point: Bush must resign to preserve what’s left of this delicate union we call the United States of America.

And I agree with him 100 percent. And just to make things right: Cheney should resign, too.

And both should be tried for crimes against the United States and the people of this great country.

Crooks & Liars has the full video, as well as a full transcript of Olbermann’s powerful piece, and I urge everybody – Democrat and Republican, liberal and conservative, American or non-American – to watch the piece, hear it out, and simplydo something to bring back a true moral center to the United States.

Bush and his theocon friends have so warped the definitions of what “morality” is that it’s no wonder that the United States is no longer held in high esteem by most of the world. Recent elections in France and Germany, and the turnover of power in the United Kingdom, point to this reality: the world is no longer willing to take our word on anything. We are no longer “The Greatest Nation”; rather, we are listing ever closer to the edge of irrelevance on the world political stage.

Since taking office in January 2001, the Bush administration has done more damage to this country than any foreign or separatist power ever managed to do before. The Constitution is in tatters. Civil liberties are mostly a thing of the past. Intelligent reason is damned by the powers that be, replaced by pseudo-religious zealotry and closed-mindedness that borders on the cult-like.

And congress needs to wake up and take action.

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the good, the bad and the birthday

Three things to ponder – not all of them beautiful:

  • The cheering section along Park Central Road in Catoctin Mountain Park was reminiscent of a moment in Le Tour. These folks must’ve cheered on every rider on our club ride, and made us all redouble our efforts as we clawed our way to the summit. The shot of adrenaline and dopamine from the cheers makes even the most awful climbs a lot of fun.
  • After Sen. Joe Lieberman’s appearance on Face The Nation yesterday where he called for military strikes against Iran, I think it’s high time that Sen. Harry Reid remove him from any and all committee leadership positions. It’s this kind of reckless swinging of swords that makes the United States less credible in the eyes of the rest of the world. Joe: if you want to go against the majority of your claimed “party of allegiance” and side with the same dimwits who think that the war in Iraq is still a good idea, you might as well wear the emblem of the pachyderm, rather than the ass. Why the people of Connecticut sent this clown back for another term is beyond me, as he’s an embarrassment to the state’s political legacy.
  • A happy 48th birthday to Hugh “Bertie Wooster” Laurie, comedian and actor extraordinaire.

best thing learned from the spelling bee finals

kak·is·toc·ra·cy (kāk’Ä­-stŏk’rÉ™-sÄ“, kä’kÄ­-)

Government by the least qualified or most unprincipled citizens.

It so clearly defines the current leadership at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW.

(definition courtesy of Dictionary.com)

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