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slc is out – go, utah!

According to the folks at PlanetOut, Salt Lake City is quite the gay-friendly vacation destination. Who knew?

post-utah wrap-up

The last post was rather cryptic, so let me fill in some details. Last Wednesday, my mom had a mild…

quick update from utah

Just a quick word from the Wasatch Front. Mom is doing okay, she’s up and around. She’s still stubborn –…

karl and me

I realized that I have a lot in common with the walking boil known as Karl Rove. Both of us…

friday fun link: summitpost.org

Today’s Friday Fun Link™ is SummitPost, a hiking website that highlights quite a few of Utah’s tallest peaks. This makes…

two plusses from the wilcox show

One of the positive things that came out of the David Wilcox show the other night was his CD sale….

forcing utah’s hand

Without fail, the Utah legislature stuck down legislation that would requre female contraception to be covered by health insurance –…

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