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thoughtful. entertaining. random.

spring is here

One can't-fail sign of spring in D.C.: weekly street cleaning begins, which means that those of us with on-street parking get back into the weekly groove of moving our cars around. At least there are a handful of new parking spaces outside our apartment.

a plan to get in shape

It's the ultimate problem for those working in IT: you're in a windowless room, sitting at a desk for hours on end, eating and drinking substances that fall well outside of "healthy" (and those that are good for you are consumed in amounts that reduce any nutritional benefit). Combine that…

great new term: “theocons”

Given the national media hoopla over the Schiavo case (my $0.02: the Feds shouldn't be involved, and shame on Congress for belittling the republic with their political, anti-woman, anti-logic approach), it's time for a new label for the neo-cons. Fortunately, Jerome at MyDD has come up with a doozy: theocons.

saturday dessert: fried dough

"It's carnival food," muses Sprite. "And my favorite food that my mom makes: fried dough pizza." Indeed, fried dough is a very popular thing, and many cultures around the globe have a fried dough specialty. you can read about them here. Link courtesy of MeFi.

pizza snobbery

Ten years of living in Connecticut did it to me: I'm a pizza snob. Give me a pie from Frank Pepe's on Wooster Street in New Haven. A nice Italian Bomb from Modern Apizza will do just fine, thanks. Good pizza is mostly lost on this city. There are a…

weekend listening

A few suggestions for weekend listening: Vuelta by Richard Shindell is top-notch listening. It is one of the top discs of last year, and is a must-listen for people who admire top-notch songcraft. Alison Krauss's latest, Lonely Runs Both Ways, is a powerful album of country, bluegrass and folk styles…