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thoughtful. entertaining. random.

weekend listening

A few suggestions for weekend listening: Vuelta by Richard Shindell is top-notch listening. It is one of the top discs of last year, and is a must-listen for people who admire top-notch songcraft. Alison Krauss's latest, Lonely Runs Both Ways, is a powerful album of country, bluegrass and folk styles…

dc traffic

Today had to be one of the heaviest traffic days in DC in quite some time. Riding GUTS back from GU, the line of cars heading up Rock Creek Parkway was most impressive: a constant stream, with the entrance ramp from P Street completely backed up, bumper-to-bumper. Glad I wasn't…

what’s up with joe?

Why is it that Joe Lieberman (D-CT) is playing the part of the Democrats' pariah? His past voting record aside (a good, progressive one), this session he's all but abandoned the party on cornerstone issues, such as Social Security, human rights, and sticking up for ordinary people. Instead, he sided…

a quick welcome

To those who are visiting from the old blog, welcome! This blog will contain just as much stuff, but will be maintained much more often. Also, the site should be a bit more pleasing on the eyes.

things happen: this past week

In this past week, I've done many things: I took my first (and second) cab rides here in DC, after living here for 2 years. I attended the Politics Online Conference. I blogged said conference for Political State Report (read my postings here, here, here and here). Now that the…

time to move

This is the first posting on the new server at Host For Web. So far, so good. The domain transferred in less than 35 minutes - very fast. Kudos to HFW for running an excellent service.