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Day: September 9, 2005

freedom takes a walk – or does it?

Isn’t it nice to know that the America Supports You Freedom Walk will have the following restrictions:

  • Only pre-registered participants may walk the route.
  • A four-foot-tall security fence along the route will prevent non-registrants from joining the walk.
  • The press will be limited to three “pens” along the route, no more.

Of course, the Department of Defense, who organized this mess, claims that the “police demanded such restrictions.” That’s a crock of horse shit if ever I’ve read it!

Why doesn’t the U.S. Park Police demand four-foot-tall security fences for the parades on Constitution Avenue, or the protests that pass the White House? And can’t the press take pictures anywhere along these routes?

As Trey Parker and Matt Stone sang in Team America: World Police, “freedom isn’t free.” In fact, it’s downright restrictive.

Something smells fishy inside the Beltway – and it’s not the Tidal Basin.

shoulder: no more sling!

Went to see the orthopedist yesterday afternoon for my two-week (really three-and-change-week) follow-up appointment.

He looked at my MRI scans and was dumbfounded: my ligaments are completely intact, my cartliage fine, my muscles fine, and my bones merely bruised. Given that I had a posterior dislocation (arm was pushed out of socket, versus the more common anterior, or pulling, kind), the doctor was amazed that my shoulder was in such shape. He explained that over ninety percent of posterior dislocations require surgery, as they are extremely unstable.

He actually said that he “was looking forward to operating on my shoulder,” to which I laughed. He then said that, barring major trauma, my should should be quite strong from now on.

He then tested my range of motion, which stands at approximately 80 percent. My muscles are stiff and the joint still has pain (raw nerves and bone bruising), but it’s mostly stable. While I can’t ride the bike just yet, I can hike, jog, run and lift lightweight things to build up strength. And I’m going to get physical therapy on the shoulder for four to six weeks to build up strength and flexibility, getting back to full range of motion.

But the best part for now: no sling!

michael and the giant crock of manure

I remember when everybody (myself included, at the time) was lambasting President Clinton in 1993, saying that his cabinet and their staff were too green, too inexperienced. And they admitted as much, grew into their positions, and eventually proved to be very, very effective.

Today, the Washington Post reveals the truth that most of BushCo’s FEMA crew has no experience in handling disasters. Most of Bush’s top FEMA appointees were culled from his election staff: people who were good doo-bees in helping whitewash and smear the Kerry/Edwards campaign, but not good at much else. And now they are the front-line people during times of domestic crisis.

Not to mention the Time article that reveals how FEMA director Michael Brown’s résumé was padded. How padded was it? It shows overstatement of experience in crisis management to the tune of completely inaccurate representation of his past duties. His administrative experience was lacking, his legal experience a pittance of what the writing on the résumé laid out. But he’s a part of BushCo, so what’s a little “padding of the truth,” anyway?

And last, but certainly not least, my friend Abby reminded me that my old senator, Joe Lieberman (D-CT), was the presiding Democrat for Brown’s confirmation hearings. How now, Joe? How now?

nola: baker’s freudian slip

It’s remarkably frightening – and remarkably sad – when a Louisiana congressman (Rep. Richard Baker – R-LA) from Baton Rouge (just up the road from NOLA) has this to say about the effects of Hurricane Katrina:

“We finally cleaned up public housing in New Orleans. We couldn’t do it, but God did.”

That’s sick and wrong. And I hope that, come 2006, this guy finds his arse out of a job. He certainly isn’t a good representative of the people from Baton Rouge, that’s for sure.

I may not be a believer, but that’s sinking to the lowest depths to insinuiate that public housing was a bad thing, and that “God” had it in mind to “clean up.”

I wonder how many of these so-called believers in Christ realize that their man, Jesus, was a radical socialist?

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