Coffeeneuring 2015: When You Have The Time… (updated 22 Oct)

Another year of Coffeeneuring is in the books. As I’m currently without a job*, there was a bit more freedom in my ability to adventure and log stops (I’ll also note any supplemental stops in another posting). There is the suggestion of a “theme within a theme” in this year’s…

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A Chapter Closes in My Life (i.e. Thanks, Dave!)

Dave and his audience, undated photo.

A quick post (yeah, it’s been too long) about the retirement of David Letterman: As most people know, Letterman left NBC on less-than-happy terms in the spring of 1993. I left Salt Lake City, Utah, for Connecticut (for both happy and less-than-happy reasons) in August of 1993. And the week…

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the one year anniversary of #projectfemur: quite the ride

Sunrise at Liberty Mountain, PA, 11 January 2015

It’s now been a whole year since #projectfemur began. On January 11, 2014, a simple, tumbling fall while trying to avoid hitting a tree brought forth a broken femur, surgery, bilateral pulmonary embolism, and months of tough physical therapy. One year later, I’m essentially back to normal. The leg is…

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last call 2014: a (somewhat little known) tradition continues

Last Call 2014 cover

For the past 10 years, I’ve had a year-end music mix that I give to friends and family. It started out as That Was The Year That Was, a compilation of favorite tracks from the previous year, with the title copped from a Tom Lehrer LP. Starting in 2005, it…

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bringing it all back home: #projectfemur hits the slopes

Mount Snow summit, 29 November 2014

Well, it was bound to happen: last Saturday, I donned my trusty Lange boots, clicked into a well-worn pair of skis, and got on a chairlift. Destination: to ski again, this time at Mount Snow, Vermont. I happened to be up north for the Thanksgiving holiday weekend, staying with sprite’s…

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use the road safely (in memory of sam felder)

Julie and Sam on a raft

One year ago today, my friend, Sam Felder, was riding his bicycle to work, as he did most days. He said goodbye to his wife and daughter, then set off for his office at Facebook. Only on November 18, 2013, he never arrived at work. Instead, he was struck by…

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ten on tuesday: the music died too young

Image courtesy og Getty Images.

The first of two (!) posts today, inspired by Carole’s typical prodding. Her topic: list ten musicians who you wish were still on this mortal coil. John Lennon. Need anything be said here? George Harrison. Again, need anything be said? Otis Redding. He finally had mainstream success the week he…

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music review: “the endless river” by pink floyd (a bit of a #tbt moment)


I never thought I’d write a review of a new Pink Floyd studio album, given a few key facts: The band hadn’t recorded anything since the sessions for The Division Bell in 1993 and 1994. Rick Wright, the band’s keyboardist, died in 2008. The still-living members – David Gilmour, Nick…

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getting locally (and not-so-locally) political: nov 2014 elections

Precinct 14: my polling place in DC.

As I did before the April 1 primary, I’m delving into local political endorsements. For my #projectfemur, cycling, skiing, coffeeneuring, and random post fans, I’ll post something a bit more to your liking later this week. To carry on with the political stuff, go below the fold…

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coffeeneuring 2014 (sure, this is #projectfemur, why not?)

The Rudi Projekt at Rotary Park, Peterborough, NH

Riding in the pursuit of coffee (or reasonable substitutes) is a great way to keep #projectfemur in shape. Yes, I’m riding my bike again – have been since August 8th – but haven’t written about it. That will come soon, but for now? Let’s talk coffeeneuring. Once again, Mary G….

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