As you know by now I’m a huge fan of the soundtrack to A Charlie Brown Christmas. It’s one of the most well executed jazz albums, let alone a great Christmas album. It has the right balance of improvisation and simple melody, it’s playful, it’s joyous and yet also a bit dark and moody.

It’s just perfect jazz.

I finally watched this story from CBS Sunday Morning from December 2021 where David Pogue (the tech writer and hobbyist jazz pianist) gets to the bottom of how Vince Guaraldi managed to write the soundtrack that millions of people equate with Christmas, Charlie Brown, Snoopy, and the gang.

It’s a great piece, interviewing three of the now-very-much-upper-middle-age boy choir singers used on the album, the son of Lee Mendelson, and the daughter of Vince Guaraldi about how this entire relationship of Charles “Sparky” Schultz and Guaraldi came to pass.

Another stop on sprite‘s #VirtualAdventTour 2022.