It always seems that I write at least one Virtual Advent post about oddball Christmas and holiday seasonal stuff.

This is that post.

It’s been a tough 2022. Starting on January 2 the year went kinda pear shaped. It got better as the year went along, but it started on a very down note for me.

Absurd humor was a healing tonic. It helped me through a lot of the initial healing process after my mom’s passing. And during stressful times humor is often in short supply and excess demand.

It’s in this guise that I offer these songs and clips as part of sprite’s #VirtualAdvent 2022.

“Weird Al” Yankovic – “The Night Santa Went Crazy”

Mr. Yankovic now has his own totally-not-fact-checked biopic starring Daniel Radcliffe (it’s awesome, by the way). And one thing he’s known for is less-than-reverent Christmas songs. This one is my favorite (and yes, I’m a huge fan of his “Christmas at Ground Zero”) and this live performance from a New Year’s Eve concert in Hawai’i is perfect.

SNL: “Michael Bublé Christmas Duets”

Saturday Night Live will make a few appearances here. The first is a fake commercial for a duets Christmas album with Michael Bublé and a raft of other musical hit makers. Kudos to Bublé for being a great sport with this one – and to Jimmy Fallon (who may have been host for this episode?) doing some great impersonations.

SNL – “Now That’s What I Call Christmas”

We’re all familiar with the never-ending Now That’s What I Call… series of mix CDs (or Spotify playlists these days… right?). SNL did their take on a Christmas mix in 2008 – the year before the first U.S. Now… holiday CD hit the shelves. It’s a doozy.

SNL – “I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus”

This take on the classic novelty song extends the narrative: what if Daddy did see Mommy exchanging lip greetings with the jolly elf? And how well does dear Daughter know her parents? Kudos to Scarlett Johansson for playing Mommy in this send-up.

Viva La Dirt League – “Horrible Christmas Music in Retail Stores”

This comedy troupe from New Zealand has produced a few Christmas gems, but this one rings true for anybody who has done retail work over the holiday season and is stuck with corporate edicts about dress codes and, worst of all, the approved music that plays ad inifinitum in the store. A clear reference to a certain printer scene in Office Space is especially appreciated.

SNL – “Santa Song”

Last year SNL had Billie Eilish as their pre-Christmas host and musical guest. She wowed with this homage to the siren singers of the 40s – doing so with a ditty that wasn’t entirely reverent, as you will.

Jimmy Fallon and Saoirse Ronan – “A Fairytale of New York”

Four years ago Fallon had Ronan on The Tonight Show and performed a splendid cover of The Pogues’ seminal holiday song.

And because it is December 8th…