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one year on

It’s been one year since Dave died. It was a tough year.

why bike lanes aren’t for me – and why i promote them every day

I typically don’t use bike lanes, but I fight for more of them every day. Why? Read on!

virtual advent 2019: macy’s windows, utah style

Last Friday, sprite wrote a post about the wonderful windows at Macy’s flagship store in New York City. They are…

virtual advent 2019: merry little (melancholy? celebratory?) christmas

This holiday season is shaping up to be a challenging one for me. I’m currently underemployed (read: no budget for…

coffeeneuring 2019: caffeinating underemployment one cup at a time

The 2019 Coffeeneuring Challenge found me combating the underemployment blues by riding around to find tasty coffee, typically with a friend or two in tow.

virtual advent 2018: festivus with a side of translation FAIL

Welcome back to yet another installment of sprite’s Virtual Advent 2018! Today we will take a quick journey to the…

virtual advent 2018: caja tio

Catalan Christmas traditions tend toward the weird. With that may I introduce… CAJA TIO – the pooping log! Also known…

here’s to warren miller (r.i.p.)

Warren Miller died yesterday at the age of 93. To any alpine skier, his name brings to mind images of…

virtual advent: random christmas trivia

Christmas is a weird holiday for me. I’m not really in on the religious aspect. I like the fact that…

virtual advent: skiing santas!

Welcome to another stop in sprite’s Virtual Advent 2017! I love that sprite carries on this tradition every year –…

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