what to think now?

Okay, so while I was away at Falcon Ridge, the Tour de France wrapped up with one of the greatest comebacks in modern cycling history. Floyd Landis, after losing over 8 minutes to his closest competitors, stormed back to a commanding solo win during stage 17, earning back all but 30 seconds of his time deficit. After winning coming in second in a time trial two days later, he went on to win the race.

Now it turns out that he tested positive for abnormal testosterone levels during said stage, and may face all sorts of trouble from the Tour’s organizers, the UCI (governing body of pro cycling), his team, and others. Now there are natural causes for these kinds of spikes in hormone levels, so there’s much left to develop. Apparently, the “B” sample has yet to be tested, so there’s still a chance for clearing Landis’ name.

But it’s not cool, any way you look at it.

Oy. When will the madness end? First there’s the “Operacion Puerto” scandal, which knocked out Tour favorites Jan Ullrich and Ivan Basso, now there’s this. It’s all maddening.

And it gives all cyclists a bad name, even if they’re innocent. Even hobbyists like me get the questions all the time: do you think they’re all doping? Is there doping in your club?

Not that this will keep me from riding – not by a long shot.

One thought on “what to think now?

  1. Landis didn’t win the TT stage; close second.

    After a fume, I’m now leaning on Floyd’s side – he apparently went on as near to a bender as one can the night before stage 17, atypical for a pro cyclist, but something that can throw the old body chemistry for a loop.

    Freakin’ dopers – make us question everything. There’s something to be said for naieveity… (completely wrong spelling – I’m looking for the adjective to describe someone who’s naive.

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