Let’s see, what have we learned today?

  • Apparently a double-header on Fox Saturday Baseball is not really a double-header in a market where one of the featured teams is being broadcast. So while we saw the later game (Nats-Dodgers), we didn’t get to see the early game (Mets-Braves or an AL matchup). Funny thing: Baltimore got to see both games. Peter Angelos should get out of the Nats’ and DC’s hair soon – he’s a pox on the face of the earth, just like Bud Selig.
  • When taking apart a SRAM chain to clean it (love that master link), be sure to keep a tab on the two pieces of the master link, lest you lose one down the sink – a lesson learned the hard way today. Oops. So my plan to ride on the LeMond tomorrow morning has been thwarted, as I lost the link after all the bike shops had closed. Thus, tomorrow’s morning ride will be on the Marin, riding the C&O Canal Trail. Wasn’t the original plan – maybe I’ll go for a long road ride in the afternoon, once I’ve picked up the missing link. At least the chain, cassette, chainrings and rear wheel are really clean right now.
  • I shouldn’t try to cook and clean my bike at the same time. Sorry, sprite.
  • Our landlord rocks.
  • The bathroom sink is now as clean as it’s been in a while (see above for the reason why).

Quite the productive day, right? Tomorow brings the farm market, a bike ride (or two), bike helmet shopping, figuring out our travel plans for this week’s NYC trip, and so much more.