Activity: road cycling
Location: Bowie, MD > Deale, MD > Bowie, MD
Distance: 53.0 miles (rolling hills)
Duration: 2:34
Weather: high clouds with hazy sun, 49-59 degrees
Avg HR: 150 (max 175)
Type: aerobic

PPTC “Deale With It” ride, led by yours truly. Had a great turnout – over 25 riders – due in no small part to storms that hit the Blue Ridge Mountains and threatened a more appealing ride out in Front Royal, VA. So a lot of folks did my flatter ride, instead. And we lucked out with the weather: a bit of sun, high clouds, and no rain in the area until over an hour after the ride wrapped up. It was great having a big group, and despite a couple of issues (a run-in with a rather irate driver and a group-related crash), all went really well. The average speed for the ride was 20.5 mph – a good clip.

I tried front-loading on water, potassium, salt and calcium this time, and it meant no cramps and consistent energy throughout the ride. So bring on the tuna melt, pudding, ice cream or mozzarella pizza the day before a ride!