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are you happy now?

To the driver of a gold Honda Accord, DC tag AK1347:

Were you so amazed that a cyclist riding in DC:

  • used hand signals
  • rode the speed limit for the streets
  • was courteous to pedestrians and other drivers

that you felt compelled to:

  • honk your horn repeatedly at me
  • almost run me into a parked car just past the intersection of 29th and R Streets NW
  • give me the finger
  • tell me to get the [hell] off the road?

Did it make you even happier that, despite your speeding past me on R Street, and bombing down 28th Street, we still arrived at the end of the Q Street “bison bridge” at the same time?

Does it feel good to you? Are you happy now?

Next time, perhaps you should appreciate that some cyclists in DC actually try to be responsible users of the streets. It’s a pity that more motorists can’t do the same.



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