Activity: road cycling
Location: Dupont Circle > Seneca, MD > Dupont Circle
Distance: 45.5 miles (hilly)
Duration: 2:29
Weather: mostly cloudy and muggy, 81 degrees
Avg HR: 150 (max 179)
Type: aerobic

A solo jaunt from the statue of Gandhi. I ended up riding solo by chance, and that was okay, as I was able to scout out some routes for future PPTC rides. So instead of the planned 62-ish mile ride, I ended up riding a much more hilly (but shorter) route. Some of the drivers were real jerks (especially a burgundy Ford Explorer along Seven Locks Road, who raced by me at such close proximity that I felt his rear-view mirror brush my arm – not cool, fella), but most were in a good mood. Lots of other cyclists were out, too, and while the weather was quite sticky, a bit of a breeze helped out.