Activity: road cycling
Location: Ijamsville, MD > Libertytown, MD
Distance: 50.7 miles (hilly)
Duration: 2:39
Weather: overcast and cold, 37-46 degrees
Avg HR: 162 (max 184)
Type: aerobic

PPTC “Sweet Land of Liberty” ride. A cold morning for a ride, but a great day to be on the bike. I didn’t feel quite right the entire ride – probably the result of staying out late at last night’s Bob Dylan concert. But it was okay, as I kept up with the gang (though I was dropped once, I did claw my way back). I took my share of pulls, and all was fine. And it was a fast ride – average speed of 19.0 mph, with a top speed of 40.8 mph – though it didn’t feel particularly fast. However, I had my skullcap on, which covers my ears, so perhaps the relative lack of wind noise contributed to my speed perception.