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dates change – grrr….

I’m an only child. So when a parent is due for surgery, I head out for support – both moral and physical.

Since my mom has surgery coming up, I’d started making plans around the scheduled surgery date: looking at airfares, looking into a cat sitter, and arranging to rent a hardshell bike case to ship my bike.

All was set.

Until my mom’s surgeon re-scheduled her surgery, pushing the date back 8 days.

Fortunately, I hadn’t yet booked my flight. But the rental of the bike case is now a no-go: my original booking just fit into the club’s schedule.

So now I’m at a loss as to how to get my bike out to Utah. I could buy a hard case for $200-300 – not cheap. I could have a local shop pack and ship the bike, which would cost about the same as buying my own hard case. I could get a bike shipping box (cardboard) from a local shop and do it myself – which often results in broken or missing bike parts, from personal experience (not to mention the likelihood of airline or shipper mishandling). Or I could rent a bike out there, which would limit me to mountain biking (fine, but not the same kind of workout that my fitness plan calls for) and would be equally cost-prohibitive (they don’t rent road bikes in Utah).

So I’m really ticked at my mom’s doctor for being wholly unprofessional in his handling of my mom’s surgery. The scheduling was finalized in January, and then the surgeon books a family vacation for that date.

“Oops” my ass.

I hope it rains on him the entire time he’s on vacation.

And if I incur any major costs, I’m going to present him with a bill, to be paid immediately and without question.

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