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wednesday random ten: windy wednesday

The usual rules apply, though it’s awfully windy outside.

  1. “Run For Your Life” – The Beatles (from Rubber Soul)
  2. “Christians I Hate ‘Em” – Mojo Nixon (from Whiskey Rebellion)
  3. “Hung Up On Soul” – Death Cab For Maddy (from Mashups by Party Ben)
  4. “Bitch” – The Rolling Stones (from Get Your Leeds Lungs Out! Revisited)
  5. “Lasso the Moon” – Art Garfunkel (from Songs From a Parent to a Child)
  6. “Heretics” – Andrew Bird (from Armchair Apocrypha)
  7. “Satisfied” – Cee Lo Green (from The Lady Killer)
  8. “Sad Professor” – R.E.M. (from Up)
  9. “Where Would We Go?” – Rusty Anderson (from Born On Earth)
  10. “An Cat Dubh” – U2 (from Live in San Diego, 28 March 2005)

Got your own random ten? Share ’em in the comments.


it was 70 years ago today…


can we just send the committee of 100 out to sea?

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  1. From the work computer:

    1. “The Christmas Song” by Adam Arcuragi
    2. “Marilyn Monroe” by Dala
    3. “You Don’t Have to Be Strong” by The Brilliant Inventions
    4. “The Crossing” by Meg Hutchinson
    5. “Horizons” by Bob Zentz
    6. “Me and Bobby McGee” by Janis Joplin
    7. “If She Wants Me” by Belle & Sebastian
    8. “No. 6 The Coombe” by The Chieftains
    9. “Come Back Home” by Pete Yorn
    10. “Winter Song” by Emily Smith

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