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wednesday random ten: windy wednesday

The usual rules apply, though it’s awfully windy outside.

  1. “Run For Your Life” – The Beatles (from Rubber Soul)
  2. “Christians I Hate ‘Em” – Mojo Nixon (from Whiskey Rebellion)
  3. “Hung Up On Soul” – Death Cab For Maddy (from Mashups by Party Ben)
  4. “Bitch” – The Rolling Stones (from Get Your Leeds Lungs Out! Revisited)
  5. “Lasso the Moon” – Art Garfunkel (from Songs From a Parent to a Child)
  6. “Heretics” – Andrew Bird (from Armchair Apocrypha)
  7. “Satisfied” – Cee Lo Green (from The Lady Killer)
  8. “Sad Professor” – R.E.M. (from Up)
  9. “Where Would We Go?” – Rusty Anderson (from Born On Earth)
  10. “An Cat Dubh” – U2 (from Live in San Diego, 28 March 2005)

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