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ibook on life support

It was bound to happen at some point. My old, trusty iBook, bought just prior to the Salt Lake 2002 Olympic Games, has finally reached a turning point.

Its trackpad and mouse button haven’t worked for some time (save for a brief respite when the ribbon cable mount was soldered back on to the motherboard), and the screen’s backlight has been flaky for almost a year. The original hard drive was replaced earlier this year, which perked up its system response. While not a speed demon – a 500 MHz PowerPC 750 processor is extremely antiquated these days – it did just fine for sprite and me.

But last night, it decided that enough was enough.

In the wee hours, the iBook froze on sprite. Nothing would unfreeze it, and even trying to get a firmware-level shutdown (a.k.a. a BIOS-level shutdown for PC users, done by holding down the power button until the computer turns off) didn’t work. This morning, the iBook awoke with a long test beep – an ominous sign to a person who has worked on Macs for a long time. Upon subsequent attempts at rebooting, the iBook would give a good startup chime, but would show no video. I enetually pulled the battery from the unit to force it to shutdown.

I brought the iBook into the office this morning to try two additional salvage methods:

Unfortunately, neither method worked.

So now I’m at a loss. I have to write a final paper for a class (due next Tuesday), and it looks like I’ll need to do all my writing on campus. Ugh.

And then there are the other things that we need from the iBook: pictures, emails, recipes and other things. It really leaves us in a bind. And given that we just shelled out a good sum of cash on car repairs, there’s no funding for a replacement in the immediate future. In general, the holidays are not a good time for big expenses to pop up.

My kingdom for a new Mac!

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