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three random observations

Three things that are on my mind this Saturday night:

  1. Today’s DC Democratic Convention went off without a hitch. It was a decent exercise in voter outreach and party building, but it didn’t offer much to grow the party. Most of the workshops and such were preaching to the already “indoctrinated” DC Dems, and weren’t there to appeal to the online community, the younger Dems, or those in the “leaning” column. But it’s good that the convention happened at all – kudos to the organizers for pulling it off (and on schedule, to boot).
  2. Bicycling magazine has named Washington, DC, the top up-and-coming bicycling community in the United States. That’s cool – and puts a lot of long-needed pressure on DC government to get pro-cycling legislation passed and enacted.
  3. Once is this decade’s equal to The Commitments: a lovely, small, musical film that packs a sweet punch. sprite and I watched it tonight, and it was lovely. And the songs are wonderful, too.

Onward to Sunday – and to riding the bike! Yay!

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