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my big mouth

Memo to self: keep the graphic descriptions inside my head.

That’s the thing I need to remember when discussing disturbing subjects with folks who would rather not hear of these things. It’s a filter that I don’t naturally have, having grown up in a household where few gory subjects were off-limits to discussion at the dinner table (it helps having parents whose incomes were based on medicine and forensic science).

That said, The Dark Knight is an incredible film: dark, tense, well-paced, executed almost to perfection. It’s possibly the best superhero movie ever made, and all of the buzz about Heath Ledger’s performance was most correct. But Christian Bale holds his own against such a psychotic tour-de-force, as do the others in the cast.

The cup runneth over this summer: first Iron Man, now The Dark Knight. It’s a summer full of quality action films that are more than just vehicles for special effects.

I just need to remember to hold off on discussion of the graphic parts until I’m with the folks who are sympatico with the subject matter.

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