Some of the fun of today:

  • Went on a bike ride with Glen this morning – we were the only two who showed up for this PPTC ride, which was a shame, as the weather was nice, with bluebird skies and low winds. I rode my mountain bike (equipped with 1.5″ slicks), and it was a big challenge: the excess aero drag, combined with the drivetrain drag from the big tires and a general lethargy, made for a challenging 40 miles.
  • sprite met up with me after the ride, after which we went shopping crazy: IKEA in College Park, MD, followed by a late lunch/early dinner at Franklin’s in Hyattsville (great restaurant, brewery and general store), then over to Alexandria, VA, for more shopping. Ran into Charles and Jordi at Target – go fig!
  • Watched Hugh Laurie host SNL, which was decent. Will miss Amy Poehler in the cast – she rocks.

Bed now. Tomorrow brings more holiday prep and holiday gatherings.