I blame sprite for this, as she posted her own. It’s the first paragraph (or, most often in my case, line) from the first blog post of every month this year – a bit of a tour of my year. And seeing as I treated this blog a bit poorly in 2009, this might be a bumpy ride!

January: “‘Nuff said!” (The subject of the post is “hippy gnu ear!”)

February: “Stuff that’s been in my head:” (from a post of random musings)

March: “Emmet “Tony” Larimer died last night, aged 79.”

April: “There have been some good ones and some clunkers this year.” (Reference is to web-based April Fool’s Day jokes.)

May: “This week saw the publication of a study by the American College of Sports Medicine that proclaims Washington, DC, as the “Fittest City in America.””

June: “This was going to be a post about my most recent cycling adventures, but that will have to wait.” (From a post about the deaths of Ed McMahon, Farrah Fawcett and Michael Jackson.)

July: “Cycling is not a cheap sport.”

August: “This should be a pithy post about recent cycling adventures and reflections about my life, but it isn’t.” (From a post about the death of Susan Nelson.)

September: Not a single post from September – wasn’t a good month for me.

October: “Okay, so I’ve been slacking off here.” (Yup – sums up my upkeep of the blog for 2009.)

November: “That a basic, seemingly inherent human and civil right – the right to equality under law – can be put up for a vote is abhorrent to me.”

December: “Yeah, this is usually a Wednesday thing. But I totally lost track of time (and space, as I’m doing a lot of apartment cleaning this week) and it goes up today. C’est la vie, y’know?” (From one of the occasional “Random 10” countdowns of music playing on my iPod or iTunes.)