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today is carbon neutral

Long day at work: spent all day outside, working the second day of my office’s electronics recycling program. Over the two days of the collection drive, we recycled over two tons of electronic goods – and I lifted and/or moved over half of that stuff, it seems.

I rode my bike to work, as I do most days, and am optimistic that bike commuting is catching on here in DC and elsewhere. I happily ride, wishing that the motorists would also do so (most only commute 5-10 miles to work, which is easily done even by most casual cyclists given a bit of planning).

I admired the spring bounty in DC – and I appreciate it more because the pollens to which I’m most allergic have subsided.

Happy Earth Day!

(Actually, every day at this blog is carbon neutral, as it’s hosted by 100% carbon neutral Dreamhost.)

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