As I finish another post about (what else) cycling, I offer these random ten tunes from the music library. The standard rules apply: Hit shuffle on your favorite music player and record unedited the first ten songs it opts to play.

  1. “Big Boys Bickering” – Paul McCartney (from the Hope For Deliverance single)
  2. “Coffee, Soho” – Peter Cusack (from Your Favourite London Sounds)
  3. “Like A Rolling Stone (Live)” – Bob Dylan (from No Direction Home [Soundtrack])
  4. “Soft Parachutes” – Paul Simon (from One Trick Pony)
  5. “Distance” – The Lovell Sisters (from Time To Grow)
  6. “25 Minutes To Go” – Johnny Cash (from At Folsom Prison [Deluxe Edition])
  7. “A Month Of Mornings” – Cherry Ghost (from Beneath This Burning Shoreline)
  8. “I’m Down” – The Beatles (from Rock & Roll Music)
  9. “Hug You Like A Mountain” – Eliza Carthy (from Dreams of Breathing Underwater)
  10. “From My Own True Love (Lost At Sea)” – The Decemberists (from Picaresque)

My playlist was in a more mellow, acoustic mode this evening – the 11th song was Willie Nelson’s cover of Paul Simon’s “American Tune.” It all fit with a weary evening.

sprite and Sarah also played along, as did Jenn – go see their lists, too!