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wednesday random 10: through the sadness

The past ten days have been very sad ones for me. First came the death of my old friend, Sutton (whose memorial service was perfect, save for an organist whose phrasing was suspect, at best). Then came the shocking death of my cyclist friend, Neal, from a high-speed bike crash.

So I’ve been listening to a lot of meditative music of late. In particular, the early solo work of George Harrison (from his All Things Must Pass and Living In The Material World albums, as well as his later Beatles songs) have proven very helpful in coping with these losses.

That said, today’s random 10 is throwing caution to the wind, letting the chips fall as they may: no skipping, no cherry-picking of songs, just what iTunes deems fit to play.

  1. “For You Blue” – Paul McCartney (from The Concert for George)
  2. “This One’s For The Girls” – Martina McBride (from Martina)
  3. “Ventilator Blues” – The Rolling Stones (from Exile on Main Street)
  4. “Yesterday” – Bob Dylan (from Possum Belly Overalls)
  5. “Broken Man” – The Baseball Project (from Volume 1: Frozen Ropes and Dying Quails)
  6. “Baby, Let’s Play House” – Elvis Presley (from The Essential 3.0 Elvis Presley (Eco-Friendly Packaging))
  7. “The Weather” – Richard Shindell (from Reunion Hill)
  8. “She Moves Through The Fair” – Joe Brown (from Hittin the Hi Spots)
  9. “La Foule” – Edith Piaf (from Le Tour De France)
  10. “Brain Damage” – Pink Floyd (from P.U.L.S.E.)

So…. anybody care to share the soundtrack to their Wednesday?

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