This morning featured a rather dramatic entry for winter: high winds, heavy rain, and a dramatic drop in temperature over the course of 30 minutes. Good times. And here are ten songs that randomly popped up in iTunes this morning (per the usual rules: take the first ten songs that play in your music player, no skipping due to potential embarrassment):

  1. “Candy and a Currant Bun” – Pink Floyd (from The Pink Floyd Early Singles)
  2. “How Could I Be Such a Fool” – Frank Zappa and the Mothers of Invention (from Freak Out!)
  3. “Black Betty” – Joe Brown (from Down To Earth)
  4. “Whistle For The Choir” – The Fratellis (from Costello Music)
  5. “23 Mile Ride” – Mojo Nixon (from Frenzy)
  6. “Midnight Radio” – Dar Williams (from Promised Land)
  7. “A Method” – TV on the Radio (from Return to Cookie Mountain)
  8. “Talkin’ Bear Mountain Picnic Massacre Blues” – Bob Dylan (from The Bootleg Series, Vols. 1-3)
  9. “Golden Bird” – Levon Helm (from Electric Dirt)

And since this is the first day of the meteorological winter, why not ten more songs? Seems right to me, given that winter is my favorite season:

  1. “Apartment Zero” – Mojo Nixon (from Whiskey Rebellion)
  2. “However Much I Booze” – The Who (from The Who By Numbers)
  3. “Day Tripper” – The Beatles (from Mono Masters [from The Beatles in Mono box set])
  4. “From Me To You” – The Beatles (from Anthology 1)
  5. “Skiing Billy” – Ray Conrad & Rosalee Sorrels (from “The Cotton Picking Lift Tower” and Other Skiing Songs)
  6. “Square One” – Coldplay (from X&Y)
  7. “They Made My Dream Come True” – The Who (from Endless Wire)
  8. “Birthday” – The Beatles (from The Beatles [i.e. The White Album])
  9. “Let It Loose” – The Rolling Stones (from Exile on Main Street)
  10. “Jesus Walking On The Water” – Violent Femmes (from Add It Up [1981-1993])

So what ten (or twenty) songs are playing in your workplace, living room or headphones today?