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ten on tuesday: i am… (#projectfemur)

Per Carole’s prompt this week, I figured her topic fit in well with an update on my injury recovery. So…

I am…

  1. …able to function well with crutches.
  2. …happy that my hematocrit is essentially back to normal.
  3. …almost ready to transition back to OTC pain medication.
  4. …still smiling every single morning.
  5. …still seeing this as an adventure – a positive, fun adventure!
  6. …appreciative of all the doctors, nurses, techs, physical therapists, occupational therapists, dietitians, custodians, and fellow travelers on this rehab journey.
  7. …glad that my right leg is getting more flexible and mobile each day (and without my being able to bear my body weight on it).
  8. …pleased beyond words at the support I’ve received from family and friends – y’all are awesome!
  9. …grateful to National Rehabilitation hospital for getting me from weak and anemic to strong and (mostly) independent over an 18 day span.
  10. …happy to be home.

So there… I am!

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