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It’s not fun as a baseball fan when two teams you root for let you down on the same day.

First, the New York Mets completed their historic collapse by losing to the Florida Marlins. Tom Glavine performed every bit the part of a player who should hang up his glove, giving up 7 runs to just a single out in less than one inning of work. Ugh. And that it was the last place Florida Marlins who dealt the blow was most cruel.

However, that was only the first letdown, because less than 10 minutes after the Mets lost, the Washington Nationals lost to the Philadelphia Phillies, thus handing the Phils the division championship in the NL East. The Nats could’ve saved the Mets’ bacon with a win, but they also failed to find a good bat or and effective pitching strategy to hold off the resurgent team from Philadelphia.


At least the Boston Red Sox have home field advantage for as long as they remain in the AL playoffs. That’s something.


workout log: 29 september 2007


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  1. Alec

    I can’t wait to see the day that the Nats are close to playoff contention. As for the Mets, well, 86 still rings in my heart, so part of me laughs hysterically all the way to Fenway, where my beloved are a pretty site these days! 😉 But then again, 86 was a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away, and I like to think of myself as a little more grown up now than the bitter boy of 10 I was then. But all in all? Screw the bastards! haha. Just kidding. Hopefully they’ll make it in next year and give the National League somewhat of a fighting chance.

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