Snow is falling in DC!


Of course, this means that DC residents are going nuts, storming the grocery stores and buying all the water, toilet paper and bread they can get their hands on. It’s very silly, if you ask me, because a few inches of snow won’t make things impassable. It’ll make the roads slick, and people will forget to shovel their sidewalks (which, according to, must happen within 8 hours of the end of snowfall), but it’s not like the world is ending.

Municipal water will continue to flow. Stores will remain open. Even mail will be delivered.


But snow in DC does have its benefits. The federal government shuts down if there’s more than a couple of inches of snow on the ground. The buildings on the mall look simply stunning in a coating of fresh snow. And it makes all the Christmas lights look much more festive.

Yay, snow!

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