I’ve been listening to “The Kojo Nnamdi Show” on WAMU. The first hour of today’s show featured a trio of guests discussing modern-day propaganda.

Amongst the guests was Lt. Col. Charles Krohn, retired Army Public Affairs Officer. A caller brought up the litany of propaganda used to sell the idea of the war in Iraq and the overall “war on terror,” and how it’s wrong to be there. In response, the retired Army propagandiist said this:

“This is a war we must win, even if it takes 40 years.”

40 years. Four decades. Two bloody generations. And if we keep going the way we’re going, it’ll last at least that long.

And still, our children and grandchildren will be no safer. And there will still be no exit strategy, as a military operation against an idea – and terror is still an idea, not a physical nation or army – is incapable of having any tactical exit strategy. So money will still be thrown away, young men and women on all sides will die for no gain, and the United States will continue to lower its status in the global community.

Isn’t it refreshing that a former Army propagandist supports a quagmire?