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thursday thoughts: fonts, web 2.0, etc.

Some happy randomness for today:

  • It’s the season of end-of-year lists, and Typographica has chimed in with their favorite fonts of 2005. Some really cool stuff, and I even have one of ’em (Adobe Garamond Premier Pro).
  • There’s a lot of buzz about “web 2.0” – so much that it’s tough to really tell whether it’s a good thing. There are good arguments for both the “old-school” web philosophy and the more end-user centric “new-school” stuff. But this picture does a good job at helping visualize the confusion that can come with the current models of “web 2.0.”
  • I haven’t watched music videos in some time – not having cable is a good part of that. But this list of this blogger’s top 50 videos is good watching.
  • The FIS Alpine Skiing World Cup is in full swing, and I love following the races and results. As a citizen of the United States, however, I’m left with virtually no video coverage of the races (though OLN carries some heavily-butchered race footage every week). Thanks to the web, though, it’s possible to watch all the top-three runs from every World Cup race – thank you, Sport1!
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