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one book down…

I know I haven’t posted my 2007 goals yet – it’ll happen soon, trust me – but here’s something I’m proud of:

I finished a book today!

The book: iWoz, by Steve Wozniak and Gina Smith. It’s well-written (or at least well ghost-written, though I’d imagine that a majority of the text is by Woz, given its free-flowing nature), and provides a lot of great background info on the gestation of Apple Computer, the Apple II, and the home computer boom. I find that Woz is a kindred spirit, in many respects – his youth was similar to mine in many respects, and he’s passionate about the things he likes.

So – I finally met one of my 2006 goals, and before the end of January! And I’ve already started the second book, so there’s hope that I might average a book a month.

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