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upgraded to worpdress 2.1 “ella”

Late last night, WordPress 2.1 “Ella” (named after Ella Fitzgerald) was released into the wild.

Of course, I had to try it out!

I first upgraded Off The Eaten Path to the new WP engine, and the upgrade went through without a hitch. The one catch: OtEP is a very simple blog, with very few modifications or plug-ins.

So I approached the upgrade of randomduck with a bit more caution, as WP 2.1 does quite a bit of back-end tweaking to the system. The basic rule-of-thumb: once you’ve run the upgrade, you can’t roll back to version 2.0.7.


But I carried on, making sure that I backed up everything before running the upgrade.


Needless to say, it worked – after all, I’m writing this post in the WP 2.1 composition window (which auto-saves posts – so, so handy).

So hats off to the WP dev and testing team – they did a great job!

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