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ironing out the kinks

Okay, so the transition to WordPress 2.1 is not without a few issues.

As Sam pointed out, the “Categories” on the right-hand side are all messed up. Apparently, WordPress 2.1 has reconfigured how a “category” is defined. Thus, the line between blogroll categories and post categories has been effectively erased. Try the links for “cycling” and “cycling & cyclists” for comparison.

Usually, that wouldn’t be a big deal: just exclude the offending blogroll categories. But there is a snag: a few of my blogroll categories (e.g. “politics” and “tech”) share the same name as their post brethren, and thus the same ID number.

So I may need to go in and whack the blogroll categories, rebuilding the blogroll from scratch. I’ve posted a couple of inquiries on the WordPress support forum, so if any visitors from said forum happen by this blog, post a comment with suggestions on how to fix – perhaps ones that aren’t as draconian.

The other problem is that the page navigations that used to appear near that bottom of each page are no longer part of the WP codebase. Thus, you’ll see page navigation in the footer of each page – it’s better than nothing, but not ideal. More debugging.

But I’ve had an easier time than some folks who migrated their sites from older WordPress builds, so I consider the few issues I’ve encountered as lucky.

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